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Since 1999



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McNab Distributing is an independent distributor of Neilson dairy products and would like to provide your school with our services. Our prices are competitive and we offer the convenience of having milk delivered right to your door.


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McNab Distributing proudly serves business in the Niagara region and surrounding areas. If you are interested in receiving more information or placing an order, please contact us.



Established in 1999, McNab Distributing is a local growing distributor
of Saputo dairy and Chapman’s ice cream products.
McNab emphasizes customer service and provides a wide range of product at competitive pricing.



I am an elementary secretary for DSBN (District School Board of Niagara). One day, in 2003, while at a school in Grimsby I met the owner of McNab (Dave). Dave was personally going from school to school promoting his company which had been running for a few short years. Our school jumped on the “McNab Wagon” immediately and I have never looked back; except to reminisce. McNab remains comprised of family and friends. For many years it was his Aunt Phyllis’ voice I would hear on the phone each week while placing an order… or reminding me to place my order. Often milk was delivered by retired principals and employees of our school board. The company continues to be flexible and patient when last minute orders are necessary; going above and beyond whenever they can. For each new school I go to, it is ALWAYS reassuring when I see McNab as our milk carrier. Watching the business grow through the years, I am continually impressed it has not lost it’s personal touch! WAY TO GO McNAB!!!!
Kim Comfort Administrative Secretary, Oakwood Public School
There are many suppliers on the market that promise the highest level of customer satisfaction with competitive pricing, we have all heard the same speeches, well McNab Distributing delivers on all levels. I have the utmost confidence in the product and the service that I receive. At first I thought I was getting special treatment for some reason and come to find out they treat everyone like this, WOW!! And over 4 years later I still have the same great relationship with the entire team at McNab Distributing.
Darrin Griffiths Food Services and Nutrition Management, Heidehof Home for the Aged